Circle of friends

Support system

Today I got a phone call from hospital that S. procedure will be happening in 2 days. Very sudden and unexpected. To be exact it was expected last week – and we were prepared for it – but was cancelled due to cyber attack for ransom on National health system. I did not expect to be rescheduled so fast. I thought it wouldn’t happen for weeks.

My first though was I have to tell S. and she won’t take it well. I told her a week before planned date and when it didn’t happen she was upset, as she was already anxious but also happy it’s not happening.

Second thought was – I have to inform everyone else – S. school : teacher and principal and SNA and also S. play therapist. And my family and friends. Basically our SUPPORT CIRCLE.

I had a bit of panic but now couple of hours later I’m sitting and thinking – we are very lucky to have all this amazing people around us to support us. I don’t think there is anything more important in this world than feeling we are not alone. That we matter. That there is someone close who will say – I will be thinking about you, you get through this.

This post is to you all – to say

THANK YOU for being here for us. We appreciate you. We are delighted to have you in our life. We can’t thank you enough. Hoping one day we will be able to give it back.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week.

S. Mum

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