Happy 8th birthday to my super hero girl!

Every year I post a birthday post here. 

This year just as every 8th of the 8th, from the moment I woke up I thought of this day 8 years ago (S. love the fact she turned 8 on the 8/8 :D)

But this year I realized something else. For the last few years I’m going over the board with preparations for the day. The deep cleaning of the house (I don’t even do it so hard before Christmas – like most of my friends do), the party decorations (to impress my kids, to see that wide open mouth of S. with big silent WOW in her eyes), the big bake off like we would have an army of friends visiting us (even though its a hand full of friends this year), and all this ……is to be so exhausted and busy so that I don’t overthink what happened 8 years ago. As you can imagine it doesn’t work.. Maybe a little bit but not fully. So this year I managed to not think too much about that day 8 years ago through the day but at 9pm I looked at my watch and straight away I thought:” 8 years ago this time I was left alone. My husband left to go to his dad (who was taken the night before to ICU and was fighting for his life), S. was taken to children’s hospital and I had no idea what was happening, whether she was alive, was she OK? No idea. I was just ALONE. Stuffed with pain killers (I only found out the next day that I nearly lost my life a few hours earlier). So there you go. It’s the truth – I can work my ass off and kill myself with jobs and tasks to avoid thinking but it’s pointless. I will never forget that day.

This year is definitely different to others. 

Thanks to Covid 19 we couldn’t have a big party as we always do but we still got to celebrate. Can’t imagine not to. 

We invited a couple of friends and there was a cake in a shape of 8, and gifts. This year S. is into DC super heroes girls and Disney movie The Descendants. So we had themed decorations and gifts. A big hit was a pile of superheroes girls comic books and a secret diary which opens only with a special key 😉

She is my super hero girl.

She is a very funny, creative and caring girl. She loves singing and dancing, drawing, painting, playing with her friends. I love listening to her stories, the stories she makes up and when she tells others about the books she read. She has an incredible imagination and a huge heart. She’s beautiful inside and outside.

She’s just so perfect. She is big enough now to understand she isn’t the same in every way as her friends and she fights us about it/ about the time all the medical care takes. And I know it will only get worse with time. But I will do anything and everything to support her all the way. 

She is my SUPER HERO GIRL and I love her to the moon and back.

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