Happy 7th birthday to my little princess

S. turned 7. 

Like every other year – super emotional. From the moment I opened my eyes I was thinking about this very same day 7 years ago. I don’t think this will ever change.

Can’t believe its already 7 years since she arrived in such a hurry.

7 years since I got in shock and didn’t know what a life will look like tomorrow – never mind in years. 

But we are here. 7 years since dramatic arrival and all the scary moments that follows… (If you are here for the very first time – you can read about it at the very start of this blog in “Our story section”).

What is our life like now? Life is good. S. is an amazing young girl. Sometimes it feels like she is 7 going on 17! Yes, acting like a teenager. Few months back she made a note and hung it on her room – on one side it says : DO NOT COME IN TO S. ROOM and on the other side it says YOU CAN COME IN. Yup, not a baby anymore. 

S. is a super bright girl, loves maths, reading books, can read by herself now for a nearly a year now– my personal joy and pride as I’m a book worm and since shes tiny I tried hard to pass my love for books onto S.

She loves dancing, still practises Irish dancing – Thank you Olive for teaching S. and motivating her to work hard on it.

S. also loves art- drawing, painting, working with all sort of materials to create something.

She is very a caring and loving sister to her baby brother and always look after others. I love the way she share her toys and clothes with others all by herself without me saying anything. I love when she says she would like to give her stuff to other kids who have less.

This year she chose for her birthday theme…FLOWERS. What a change….last year she asked for Elsa and Anna and this year so mature… flowers. I loved doing the decorations with her, had real good fun.

In June she finished her second year of education – senior infants class- and going in September to 1st class. Now the serious educations will start 🙂 1 hour longer in school and less fun. I know she is ready for it. Nervous but ready.

Its gonna be good because shes a great girl. She is amazing. And I Love her to the moon and back.

Stay tuned

S. Mum

P.S. on the picture below you can see S.’s trophies and medals from this school year. From school, Library ( for reading star) and most precious for Irish dancing

S. mum

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