Marathon for Cliona’s 2019

Marathon for Cliona’s 2019Last year I took part in Woman’s Mini Marathon and raised 1180€.

My target was to get as much as last year (1180€) so I’m very happy.

Last two months of 2018 and all 2019 until now has been a tough few months and to be honest I was highly unmotivated to do the marathon this year. Just had no energy for it. But I kept thinking about Cliona’s Foundation, how much amazing work they do to support families like us.

From my own experience I know how hard it is when your family member is in hospital, and how hard it is to keep it going financially. So I decided to get up and started collecting money. I kept asking everyone I know for money (including neighbours, a bus driver and S’s teacher), because I knew once I raise something I won’t have excuse to give up.

And then – I got a lovely message from Cliona’s Foundation :”Hi – wishing you and P. (P. is a good friend of mine who did it with me this year – THANK YOU! you are amazing! ) all the very best this Sunday and thank you so much for your continuous support. You are fantastic… Please send us on some pictures.”

And it felt so good, like knowing they believe in me and I just simply can’t let them down. I got wind in my wings. Turned out to be great day and I’m very happy I could do it . To push myself to action and to raise money that is so needed.

A huge highlight of this years Mini Marathon was that my wonderful family and friends came along the route of the marathon, waited there for a long while – at the 8th and 9th kilometre, so it took me while to get there 😉 They waited with the banners and hugs and cheering. What a great feeling to be so loved and supported. I burst in tears when saw them. What a fabulous surprise. Huge thanks to My family. S., I loved your hand made banner!) and to Emma and family – l absolutely love the rhyme banner. Look at the pictures below 🙂

Dear friends!And by friends I mean generous, lovely people who supported me and helped me raise amazing amount of money, helped me to SMASH my target!! 1313€

Thank you from me for all your support and encouragement, let me tell you, when I didn’t feel like bothering, seeing those donations coming in got me right back on track. More importantly though, thank you from Cliona’s Foundation, such a deserving cause that’s close to my heart. So from my heart to yours…..Thank you!

Just to give you heads up – Most likely I will be asking you next year for donations 🙂

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