Happy Mothers Day

Tonight S. was upset. Her dad was getting her ready to sleep while at the same time I was with her brother, after very long day.

It was a long day preceded sleepless night, as S. brother wasn’t well.If you ask any mum, she will tell you – sleep deprivation is the worst TORTURE. Especially when you have to get up next day, or I should say hours after your child finally fall asleep, but for various reasons you can’t sleep in for longer.

In my case, it’s morning and have to get older sister ready for school. All you want to do is just put your head down on the pillow but you can’t. Or maybe you did but it was only 3 hours and it’s not enough to be your usual happy self and give 100%. But you do.

Why? Because you are a MUM.

The only worse feeling than tiredness is feeling helpless. Last night I learned that it’s actually doesn’t matter if you are sleeping on the hospital floor right beside your baby hospital bed, or trying to help your child at home but you are running out of ideas and your eyes are closing. The struggle is real.So after sleepless night and long and busy day I finally got to lie down with S. brother to get him to sleep. And just when he did and I thought “thank you God, now my turn”, I got a message from next door, from S. bedroom. Her dad texted me that she wants me to come over. First I reply,no way, I’m passed the limit of exhaustion, I’m going nowhere but sleep.And then he txt me what exactly she said. 

“I mostly want to go to mammy because i want to tell her my head hurts, and she always finds a way to make me better.”

And guess what?I jumped out of bed and run to S. to hug her, stroke on the head, sing her lullaby and do all the possible tricks I know. Because this one sentence , for me, is the quintessence of being a Mum. ” She always finds a way to make me better”.  Such a beautiful words. So deep. Until then I didn’t know that. I honestly never thought of myself like that. I’m too busy being a carer, nurse, cook, waitress, cleaner, driver(even if its just a buggy and scooter),


entertainment manager, and all other jobs every mum does on daily basis.Most dads too. But it’s my experience, so dad’s please don’t feel left out 


In my blog I focus on my experience in the journey with my beloved daughter and her life condition. I have a lot of readers who look after kids with extra care. But this message is to ALL MUMS. In a couple of days we will celebrate Mothers Day. I don’t want to sound bad. And trust me when I say, I love my kids and husband. They are my best gals. But this year for Mothers Day, I’d love to spend it doing nothing. Just relaxing. Be able to stop running around and lie down with a book and a nice cup of tea (I won’t say no to slice of cake either). 


I wish you a Happy Mothers Day.Whatever it means to you.Be happy and remember you are someone who always knows how to make your kids feel better. A Super mum. 


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