New year resolutions

New year we (S.) welcomed with UTI. After 6 months break from infection she got one just before Christmas and finished antibiotics on Christmas Day. As usual urine was cleared 24 hours after, but 48 hours since last dose, urine was very cloudy and smelly. Typical. But she was in a good form. Then on the 31st of December S. woke up at 3 a.m. vomiting with fever 39C. It was bad. At 4 am I thought we gonna end up in emergency department. But in between vomits I sent an email to renal clinic, described current situation, asking them to contact me ASAP. And they did! our amazing nephrologist Dr Lewis rang me at 8 a.m. and after a short chat he decided  there is no need to bring S. to hospital and based  on last results of sensitivity test we started antibiotic. I was delighted as I really didn’t want start a new year in the ward of hospital.Today is the first day of new year and I’m sitting here and thinking about New Year’s resolutions.Never really liked to do them as never stick to them. At some stage of my life my only resolution was to be happy. Years went by and first 2 years of S. life I couldn’t be bothered make any plans or resolutions. I mean I always have some plan but keep in the back of my head it might not happen and not stress too much if it won’t. One day at the time. But this year I’m gonna make a list. Nothing spectacular like trip around the world-more simple and focused on me and my life.It’s very personal but if you read my blog you know way more other details of my life 🙂 so here it is:

1. Be a better mum – yell less. I’m sure you know that struggle when kids ignore you (or they just don’t hear you) and you have to repeat yourself 20 times before they actually do something simple like putting shoes on (because we will miss the school bus if won’t leave the house in 5 minutes) or brush teeth. NO, I’m not proud of myself and every single time afterwards I feel bad and apologise to them so instead of apologising I’m going to try hard just not to yell.

2. Eat less sugar. Another embarrassing confession I do have a stash of sweets in couple places of my house. In my defence when it’s mad busy at home, you know when doing all the tasks, looking after kids and house and everything, sometimes I don’t have time for a proper meal so quick bite of chocolate is great way to to get an energy boost and raise the level of my sugar. That’s my excuse anyway 😉

3. Try to eat more healthy foods. Groats, vegetables, Sauerkraut (best natural source of probiotics and vitamins). Instead of ready meals and take outs.

4. Find time for myself. I’m pretty sure any parent, not just parents of extra needs kids, can relate to this. There is always something I’d like to do just for myself but never enough time.Like read more books (in 2018 I read only 45), go for a walk, go to cinema for adult movie – instead of another kids movie, or something super special like a back massage. Haven’t done this in the last 7 years. Would be nice!

5. Reduce the screen time for kids and be more active. Booked already ice skating for me and S. in the next 3 days.

That’s all the resolutions. Might sound simple but challenging for me.  If it doesnt happen straight away I will try the next day. 

I wish for us – the whole family – to spend less time in hospital this year. To stay healthy and fight all the infections and other crap that might come, super fast.

Wishing all my readers Happy and Healthy New year. Thank you that you are here.Thank your for your support. In person and in messages. 
Thank you!
Hugely appreciated.
Lots of love. 

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