Pass it on.

It’s 7 day until Christmas as I’m writing these words. I’m feeling festive and today I truly got into Christmas spirit today. I’m blown by kindnesses and good energy we received. 

Today was a very special day for our family.

S. had the honour to be princess of “OPERATION SNOWBALL”. She got to cut the ribbon an open the event that was the final of a great initiative.
But before she did it, she was collected from home by a limousine with a handsome chauffeur and a very special guest on the board… SANTA!!! So overwhelming!


I can’t find good enough words to describe the joy. Not only for S. but for all of us, S. dad, brother and myself.

After receiving a gift from Santa, a photo shoot with him, listening Christmas Carol’s sang by Gospel Choir and eating some sweets we had to go home for catheterization, and to rest S. said it was best day ever.
I didn’t think I would hear it again as she had already best day ever… Before Easter 😉 

The very same person organised for S. A “Princess day out”.  We got collected by the same handsome driver and his limousine took us to Disney store.

For S.local Disney store is the best place in the world. We only go there once a year as its bit pricey for us so when she realised where we were she couldn’t believe it. And then she got a giant magic key and opened the door after a thrilling countdown. More excitement? Yes! She got to pick a toy for herself and one for her brother, which she was even more delighted about. Afterwards, we were brought by the limo to a very fancy hotel for a pink tea party with loads of pink cakes and unicorn balloons. It was truly magical.

And the person who is responsible for all this joy and happiness for my princess is HELEN WALSH.

Recently I got to do an interview in a magazine – IMAGE- about the initiative and the maker of all this magic and I said that Helen is a real-life fairy godmother. That’s true. But she’s also my personal HERO.

I would like to THANK this amazing woman here and hope it will be recognised widely. 

My kids are everything to me and seeing them so happy like today is the most precious thing for me. So for that I will be always grateful. HUGE thank you Helen. You are the most selfless woman I know. Your kindness and generosity are truly inspiring. 

I’m grateful to know you and to be able to call you a friend. 

Happy Christmas everyone and healthy New year!  🧡


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