Get off the couch – Mini Marathon for Cliona’s Foundation

Just before we enter the summer I took a part in VHI Womans Mini Marathon.

Last time I did it was 3 years ago for and with help of my wonderful girls we raised €1118!!

Since then I was pregnant with S. brother and then he was a newborn so I couldn’t do it. This year I decided to get my act together and take a part in the Mini Marathon again to raise some money for Cliona’s. The idea of Womans Mini Marathon is to raise funds for chosen charity/ foundation and to challenge your self to get off the couch and walk, jog or run. I wont lie to you, I’m not a runner. I’m a fast walker. At least that’s what I thought. I walk every day to school etc, about 8-10 km each day so I thought I don’t need any training, I will be just fine. Turns out walking 10 km in one go, half of it up the hill, in the sun…wasn’t the same as school/ daily errands 🙂

Especially since my disk slipped out 3 weeks before the Marathon.

But since I had started raising the money, I couldn’t just give up. Not only I would feel like I let myself down but I felt like I cheated to all those people who had a faith in me and sponsored me (paid money to Cliona’s Foundation account).

SO the big day came, It was lovely and sunny (not to be expected where we live).

Didn’t mind walking extra 3 km before it all started (due to closed roads).

After first 3km I realised I’m highly demotivated. My back was sore, I had a stabilising corset on, and this year I walk by myself, without any pal on my side. But no choice really at this stage so I kept walking. Each km we passed was marked by big sign.

At 5km the sign said :“If it’s not fun, you are not doing it right”. And it was so true… But I kept walking and kept thinking I cant let down all the people who trusted me and believe in me.

At the 6km mark, on the other side of the road was 3km mark and over there I saw a lady in a wheelchair. She looked tired and sweaty but she keep pushing and going forward….that was like a cold bucket of water for me – I said to myself

“ You have no excuse! “

So kept walking. When I saw 9km mark I got some speed and when finally reached the FINISH line my legs were shaking and I felt like cry.

But I got rewarded 🙂 First dinner with my pal P. (thank you!) and when I got home I saw S. and her brother running toward me with big bunch of flowers and they did a poster with dad, that said “Well done! We love you” – I couldn’t stop tears. Felt loved and proud of my self and my family. Thank you guys.

Was it easy? No. Not for me. But I’m glad I did it and I hope I will find motivation and energy to do it every year as long as I’m healthy and capable to do it. Because I have no excuse. Its a perfect opportunity to raise a money for people in need,to support amazing foundation like Cliona’s.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all great friends and strangers who sponsored me and helped raised amazing amount of money.



I will be knocking your door again next year 😉

P.S. Couple of weeks later I got another lovely surprise. I was mentioned in Cliona’s Foundation newsletter. I got it in the post.

“S.mum send us a most beautiful thank you letter when we were able to provide financial assistance to her in 2013 when her daughter S. had to spend 5 weeks in hospital in the UK following major surgery “It was like somebody putting an arm around us and saying – It’s OK we understand and we want to help you through this. Your gift of support has been a light in what has been a very emotional and trying time for our family”. S.mum wanted to place that arm around another family and participated in the VHI Womens Mini Marathon in June and raised super €1125.”

When I read my own words, it brought back all the memories, emotions and feelings especially how overwhelmed we were, when we came back home and there was a cheque from Cliona’s (on the way home we were wondering how are we gonna manage, after 5 long weeks in UK, coming back completely broke…). Once again BIG THANK YOU Cliona’s Foundation for all your support.


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