Happy 6th Birthday

I can’t believe its already a year since last birthday post (https://www.cloaca.eu/huge-milestone/ ).

What a busy and eventful year that was.

S. started big school. She’s so strong and brave. It took her 4 months to get used to her carer in school, to build a relationship and trust her to catheterize her (thank you Catherine for amazing support and helping that to happen). She took part in a school play, Goldilocks and three bears as Mama bear. I couldn’t be more proud. Quiet and shy in new situations, she flourished on stage.

S. gave up dance class but started tennis lessons. With school and between play dates there isn’t much time for more after school activities. (https://www.cloaca.eu/social-life-5-year-old/).

In school report for the end of the year I read :

“S. has adapted very well to school life. She enjoys the structure of the day. She engages in all school activities and she really enjoys playtime with her friends. S. has become more confident in school and I’m very proud of her.

S. is caring, gentle and hard-working young lady. She has made great progress in all areas of the curriculum. She is very popular among her classmates and the entire school staff. I have loved having S. in my class”.

I’m chuffed. So happy to read it. I love my baby girl and I’m proud of her. But to read something like that in school letter form her teacher, from someone who got to know her only in the last few months, its something special.

Thank you Ms Brett for supporting S. and helping her grow and learn.

I know from the teacher that S. has become more confident since she stared wearing pants to school instead of nappies (if you missed that post, you can read here: https://www.cloaca.eu/new-chapter/). It gave her huge confidence boost. We carry on with that, even though she had UTI in last month again.

Last weekend we celebrated S. 6th birthday. She asked me if she can have Elsa and Anna theme party, and if Elsa could drop in and do a magic show. “Funny bunny” show – its her favourite. I said to her she has seen it so many times at other parties, she said: “yeah, but I’d like to have my own”. We couldn’t say no to that. Plus I’d say in year or two she will grow out of it and would rather go with friends to cinema or for pizza and I wont be part of it. So I enjoy it while it lasts. I enjoy organising parties for her. I love her face when she comes down in the morning and she looks so amazed with all the decorations (I put up all evening – last year till 3 am, this year till 1 am ;)) . I melted when she whispered “oh mummy its so beautiful! thank you, I love you” .

I love the innocence and pure happiness.

I love her so much I can’t express it. Sometimes I try to think, how was my life before S. arrived. I barely can remember. I was busy at work and tired on days off, did loads, but no purpose really. Is it hard to keep up with the daily routine and make most of the days, while trying to catch the adventurous 2 year old boy as well? yes it it. But I manage. Multitasking is the main domain of any mum. Never-mind if its a healthy child or one with extra needs and care. We just have to get through it, no matter how tough it is.

There is days I feel drained and just want to lie down and cry. But the one thought that always keeps me going is – “We could have lost S. and she is here.” She is 6 years old, smart, bright, talented, caring,brave, strong, loving and beautiful. No matter what happens, I’m here because of my unconditional love for S. and her brother. That is what makes me strong.

Next week is S. brother 2nd birthday. I’m so happy to have them in my life. Can’t imagine my life different now. (OK, I admit it would be nice to have a long lie in or full night sleep every now and then but hey- it wont be always like that 😉 ) .

Happy birthday S.

Mummy and daddy are very proud of you and love you to the moon and back.

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