OFF Prophylactic

We had a good run of 6 months on prophylactic antibiotics, without infections.

Not for the first time, it ended and UTI’s started.

Exactly year ago i mentioned in here Asymptomatic Bacteriuria .

|Asymptomatic bacteriuria is common in certain groups of people, such as those who have bladder catheters inserted for an extended period. Asymptomatic bacteriuria is not normally treated because eradicating the bacteria can be difficult and complications are usually rare. Also, giving antibiotics can alter the balance of bacteria in the body, sometimes allowing bacteria to flourish that are more difficult to eliminate.” ( source:¬†

First when I heard of it I didn’t think its right so I just thought I misunderstood.

Then I was told by nephrologist – that as long there is no symptoms- there is no point treating it with antibiotics – as cloudy and smelly urine isn’t bad enough – I was like WHAT ???

And then I started to think about it… did a list of pros and cons, and tried to relax.

I know, you might laugh- but as a parent of child with extra needs ( as i like to call it) I always have my eyes on the back of my head and think of scenarios and solutions for them. S. having a bacteria in the urinary tract wasn’t something I could get on with. I just couldn’t imagine her walking around with E coli or other enerobacter… I imagined its like a ticking bomb – waiting to explode. Surely those bacteria can’t be safe just floating in there? But then – on the other hand, S. is on prophylactic antibiotics for last 4 full years. She could use a break. And most importantly we don’t want her to get immune to any of the antibiotics as we need them to work when symptoms kick in.

Also – I realised – i don’t remember how her body deals without the support of antibiotics.

How would it cope…and we learned soon enough. Turned out – somehow- they must soften the stool, lack of them lead to blockade of bowel. We rushed for an X-ray and S. big intestine was blocked.

We had to use some laxatives to clear it out. It worked well, did clear out what wasn’t coming out, but also gave S. big cramps (in combination with Toilax) so soon enough we stopped it.

All is under control but im pretty sure.. only until next infection.

Stay tuned and please share your experience with us.



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