There are days like this…

I Hate catheterization

I Hate enemas.

I Hate doing it to my child.

I Hate that she has to go through it and I don’t blame her that she fights it and hates it.


The end

I do know I’m doing all them (catherizations and enemas) FOR my child not TO her… but there is days like that one, we all- parents of kids with extra care needed- feel like it.

I know I’m not the only one.

P.S. 2
I know its S. who struggles with all them and she have a full right to be fed up with It…. but its very stressful for me as a parent as I know regardless of all the feelings about it- we still have to do it to keep her away from hospital.

( P.S’s. were added days later when emotions cooled down)

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