33 weeks

4 years ago, at this very day – sort of – S. arrived to this world ,by emergency c- section.

Sort of ,because I don’t mean exact date, I’m expecting S. baby brother and right no I’m 33 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

Naturally I keep coming back to the day S.arrived.

How scary and traumatic it was. Mainly cos I didn’t know what happened to her straight after she was taken away. I was left all alone in “ recovery room” or what ever thy call it, and then brought t room full of women who had they babies with them. Remember lying there and listening to girl next to me, who was feeding her child and talking to it, while I didn’t even know if mine is alive…


People seems to be surprised when we announced the great news, that S. will be an older sister.

Like we shouldn’t – consider S. ( super rare) condition.

We always knew we wanted at least 3 kids. It took us good 2 years to get to think again we would like have more kids- naturally- we were quite busy looking after S.

We decided we can manage another child ( however weird it sounds) shortly after we celebrated “ one year away from the ward anniversary”.

Another year later we are back to “ in and out” hospital routine as S. had another UTI and spend 3 days in ward  – just last week. 

I’m not so sure how we will manage but I know we will. We have to. We went trough so much – I’d like to think we will manage anything.

S. will always need a little bit more attention but I’d like to believe we will manage as parents to support both our kids equally.

On the bright side: I’m melting each time S. is hugging and kissing belly, talk to her brother and sing him “twinkle twinkle little star”. She is very excited she going to be an older sister. And she is going to be the BEST BIG SISTER EVER 😀

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