Looking forward to summer

Today we met with Professor Mortell.

He is very happy with S.

As I mentioned before S. loves her playschool. We decided to send her to it only because we managed to keep her clean.

Since we started doing washouts in October, we got confident about S. social cleanliness.

No more broken ( very often bleeding) skin, no more sore bum , 8-12 dirty nappies in a day.

Honestly, I’m still amazed. Half an hour a day for 23 hrs of shiny, sparkly guts that won’t leak, catch you off guard or ruin a perfectly good bottom. OK, there is an accident here and there, we still using nappies due to urinary incontinence, but its sooooo much easier now.


S. stared school on the 4th of January. Loves it. Has friends, learning new things and open up a lot. Its amazing to watch her opening and growing in confidence. I cant imagine any other way.

I was dreading – winding up myself months before we started, ( thanks to trauma after dilation’s) but I have to admit, this was THE BEST decision we made.

Recently someone asked me would we ever get back to stoma.

I was surprised, as it never occur to me. I know for some reasons, some people have to. But I cant imagine. For me, washouts are the natural, next step to keep our baby girl clean, happy and make it possible, for her to live a full life.

It was a big change for us and her.

Does it annoy me that our day is strictly regimented by routine ( catheter every 3-4 hours and enema at 4-5 pm – so no afternoon visits , etc) ?? YES! It sure does.

But I still wouldn’t change it.


Looking forward to summer 🙂

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