Happy Valentines

What did you do on Valentines day? I hope you spend this day and night in nice place.

We did NOT .

Sophie woke up with high fever and by noon she was falling off her feel, when we got to hospital she was 40C and started vomiting.

UTI here we are… back.

Its been so long, it felt weird to be back in emergency room. We are well use to it , the whole procedure of checking in, waiting for docs to come over, all the observations, then blood test and putting AV – OK, this part I’ll never get use to it, I cry with S. I truly hate this part.

Yet, its been so long, I forgot (??!!) how upsating it all is. When you know that things don’t look well, when you know you gonna spend a night in emergency before there is a free bed on ward, when there is nothing you can do make it go away and make your baby well, when you get reality check – and get remainder that your baby is always in high risk of infection. That no matter how hard we try to live our life like nothings wrong, no matter how hard you try make your baby life normal like all other kids – you always have to keep your eyes wide open. PERIOD.


We spend all week on ward, in mean time S. picked up a vomit bug.

She complain a lot for pain her tummy.

But mostly she was upset she cant go to school. She loves her playschool.

Since we started doing washouts in October, we got confident about S. social cleanliness.

She stared school on the 4th of January. Loves it. Has friends, learning new things and open up a lot. Its amazing to watch her opening and growing in confidence.


On a bright side before we left hospital S. had a scan , and kidneys, bladder and stomach looks good.

Prophylactic antibiotic were changed as well. FINALLY!

For last 3 months I was telling GP and mentioning to renal team, that Nitrofurantoine ain’t working. Every couple weeks urine cloudy and full of sediment, in bacteria culture growth shown up Klebsiella.

So we are happy to be back on drug that works.




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