It wasn’t that long ago but…

What an emotional day

Today we met Dr Sieglinde “Siggy” Mullers

The Surgeon and wonderful woman who helped S. came onto this world, and saved hers and my life.

3.5years ago she cut trough me to pull this small body that didn’t really look like a baby – more like a basketball with hands and feet attached to it…because S. was swollen from all the blockage.

That day was a blur in my head until today. I don’t think about that day too often. I have a scraps of memories.

Today Dr Siggy said she remember how worried they were when they saw on the scan screen how big S’s belly is and there was a risk she would stuck in birth canal. And then quick decision about c section, then saw S. and that they were all very worried if shes gonna make it.

She also said she remember how I came across so strong and calm.

Complete surprise.

I actually remember being in shock and just hung on to bits of informations I heard. Like, that S. was transferred to Temple Street and she will have a surgery and that it will fix something. Not exact information, but it was enough for me.

So it was super nice to hear their version from someone who was there with me. From someone who was a witness and part of that dramatic day. From someone who held my baby in her hands, 2 weeks before I could.

3,5 years later I’m writing this blog and I’m used to talking about the past but talking about past with someone who’s part of those events was very emotional.

Very emotional but important day.

Hours later I’m thinking about this meeting. We never really had a chance to day properly thank you.


for saving my baby.

You will always stay in our hearts and thoughts.

And thank you for making me realised today how far we have come from that day.

S. is a super cute and bright girl who’s loves dancing, ballet is her new love (thanks to cartoons Barbie and Swan Lake). Last week she started play school. Who would have thought 3,5 years ago we would get here? I definitely didn’t. She loves it and doing great there. When we walk in she’s bouncing like a little ball from excitement.

From medical point, she’s incontinent both ways, but we have it under control.

For the last three months we are doing enemas with Willis washout and it works well. We are doing it every evening. There are days where there is no poop at all, and every other day there is 1-2 but its a huge improvement from 8-14 poops a day (and constantly having sore bum, broken and bleeding skin).

Before we had to check her every hour and she was very frustrated as she had to stop playing. Right now we catheterise her 4 times a day and there is no wet nappies in between.
For last 3 years shes on prophylactic antibiotics. We have a bit of struggle with recurring UTI’s, urine cloudy and full of sediment, but apparently its asymptomatic bacteriuria, so nephrologist is keeping her on Nirtofurantoin. The problems started when she was taken off Augmentin but apparently its for the best,as Augmentin is very useful as a back up.

We are fine. Shes fine. And its only a start.

Stay tune for updates 🙂

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