In last kidney scan We found out that S. has a kidney reflux (Vesicoureteral reflux VUR).

Reflux is a disorder in which urine backs up (refluxes) from the bladder to the kidney.

“In normal kidney-bladder function, urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder. In children with vesicoureteral reflux (VUR), the urine flows backwards from the bladder up toward the kidneys. As a result, children with VUR are at risk for kidney infections and may develop kidney damage “
(source : Boston Children hospital website- link in links section)

“ Reflux also increases risk of urinary tract infection or acutepyelonephritis, so testing for reflux may be performed after a child has one or more infections. “

The most common system of grading reflux – the International Study Classification – includes five grades.

Grade I results in urine reflux in to the ureter only.

Grade II results in urine reflux into the ureter and the renal pelvis, without distention (hydronephrosis).

Grade III results in reflux into the ureter and the renal pelvis, causing mild hydronephrosis.

Grade IV results in moderate hydronephrosis.

Grade V results in severe hydronephrosis and twisting of the ureter.

I asked what grade S. is. Aparently it doesnt matter. Not a huge deal. Not big enough to do anything about it.

Not more than we are doing already anyway. Catheterization  few times a day and antibiotics that is.

Part of me wanna shout “ what you mean there is no point testing and investigating more of it?! Do something!” as I’m the person who always wants to know everything about the situation – especially when it comes to my baby’s health.

But after couple of hours I calm down and realised there is only ONE THING I CAN DO about it right now….ACCEPT IT.

I also found out that “Reflux can be corrected by surgery. However, most children will get better as they grow older. Therefore, your child may be treated with antibiotics to prevent infection. Only one child in ten will contract an infection when taking antibiotics.” ( source: , link in links section) .

Sooooo my child is special 😀 1 in 10 – yay! 😀

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