Happy 3rd birthday :)

S. is three years old.

Life is good. Can’t imagine it without her. As last year and the year before I was thinking about that day when she arrived. I remember very well that day, what happened at that time and how I felt. Memories start to blur a bit but one thing I’l never forget – how scary it was. To not know for a few hours if she’s alive and if she’s gonna be fine, after they took her away before I could even hold her once.

Every time I think of it, I can’t stop the tears.

Not only because of how frightening it was, but because I’I always know how precious she is. I’l always will be gratefull that she is with us.

I wouldn’t call myslef very faithfull person. And I don’t pray much. But every night I thank God for S. that shes here and shes O.K.

Shes a beautiful and smart, chatty and creative girl who surprises us every day.

Never thought I can love that much untill she arrived and stole my heart.

Happy birthday baby girl.x

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