Big anniversary.

Its a full year since our last stay in hospital.


Hard to believe it.

I’m so used to the hospital life, it become a “safe zone”. Do I miss it? NO. I’m delighted we managed to stay away from a ward for so long. To be exact S. had  UTI’s twice more after July, but didn’t need to stay on a ward. Its a small success. I wont open a bottle of champagne because its not a huge victory, life is a still struggle – trying to avoid UTI’s and maintaining returning skin rash. But its a small achievement.

On last check up (in April)  Professor Mortell suggest we could try take S. off the antibiotics. Since we catheterize her 5 times a day that should do the trick and keep her off infections. We should try anyway. I love the idea. But still was nervous and we agreed not to do it before holidays.

Anniversary reminded us that we should try. SO we did.

I don’t expect a miracle. It happened before that we forgot a doze of antibiotics and next day S’s. urine sample was cloudy and full of sediment straight away. Question is- how long can she last without it. I know antibiotics protect her kidneys but i also realize they effect other organs as well.

That’s why I’d love to try. Fingers crossed.

P.S. a bit off topic

I love read books. Last year i read 38 ( aim was 52). This year ( and half is gone) i had time to read only 15. Do I miss them sleepless nights while i watched S.? no. even if i don’t have time to read. no way.

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