Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

Do you remember what you were doing last year Christmas Eve?

Last minute shopping, baking, cooking, last minute gift wrapping or house cleaning, or having few drinks in local pub with your friends perhaps?

I remember. As didn’t do any of that above. I spend most all day in hospital with S. And my beloved ( and super supportive) husband. We had a last check up ( last for 2013) with our surgeon . where its been decided that after so many UTI’s its time to do something to protect S. kidneys. Catheterizing her! that is.

I kind of knew it was coming and i was dreading it.

I read a lot about CIC ( Clean Intermittent Catheterisation), and watched few videos on youtube. But i wasn’t in a hurry to do that.

After the reconstructive surgery we had to dilated S. Rectum with Hegar dilators.

It was scary, the worst time of my life. EVER. I hated doing it to my lil baby, i hated the fact that we made her cry. I cry nearly every time after we had to do it for couple months. So the idea of doing something so invasive- AGAIN to my baby…was just a downer.

Anyway. We spend a few hours trying to do it. It wasn’t easy as it looks on the videos. I kept saying i know how to do it, just so the nurse will let us go home, just so S. Stop crying ( she didn’t like being held for so long and having catheters forced in to her, without luck ), so we can get away form there.

But she didn’t. Until i showed her at least once that i can do it. I felt sick from all the stress.

First weeks of CIC at home were very stressful. Turn out S. Remembered the dilatation and didn’t want any of that ( cant blame her!), she cry and kick anytime we go near her. so we end up having to hold her ( like with the dilators ), which made it worse.

But…it was a year ago. How is it now? She got use to it. We got use to it. Now she lift her feet up and just watch the TV or kids songs videos on youtube. BTW did you ever see “kinder surprise unwrapping video”? Amazing…not the video itself – but how mesmerized and occupied it keeps the kid – i recommend it- especially if you want your kid to stay still 😉

So this year we are in a different place. I used that phrase a few times already.

But at least when i have to use it, the different place is a better one, and we are one step further along in our journey.

This was a great year. BIG THANK YOU to all who support us – you know who you are.

Thank you and all the best in The New year!

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