What do you do when you decide to go on holiday? What do you do first?

Travel advisors websites suggest to set up a budget, then choose where and for how long you would like to go. Sound logic, right?
But not with us 🙂 no no no .

We started research from flying timetable. That is- how often are flights back home- in case anything happen to S. How fast we can be back home, if …

And that Lisbon and Alicante was excluded – flight only twice a week.

Fuerteventura, Tenerife – same- flight 3 times a week, still not enough in case of the emergency.

We finaly found perfect spot: Palma De Majorca. Flights every day, and great place to stay just 10 minutes away from airport. Perfect.

Next point to check : attractions near by. Whats worth to see. I agree, that as well. But…

I checked firstly if there is a hospital with kids ward, and list of GP’s near by.

When we booked flight and hotel we were able to start packing. Swim suits and summer clothes first? No no no.

A load of drugs first. Antibiotics we need for every day plus another one for emergency, In case of UTI. Catheters and sterile water, swabs, etc. Urine test strips. Powder, 5 different creams, and pastes in case of extreme skin rash and broken skin (our daily trouble).

And then list of usuals like hydrolites, teething gel and drops, and so on and so on.
2 big vanity cases.

And after that the stuff that everyone else is packing for holiday.

And obviously a letter from Specialist about S. Condition ( translated into holiday destination language), in case we end up in some hospital and have to explain the background. Way too complicated to explain.

In the end we paid double than we would, if we go for last minute deal – out of nowhere, but we could relax and have a great time and that’s most important. Turn out we didn’t need to worry so much. Place was great, clean, good food and friendly. But its hard not to worry and not prepare for the worst when you went trough so much till now.better be safe than sorry. On 12 days stay S. vomit only twice ( two separate, full days), and i did get fright, but we survived. It was our first holiday ( a long stay in UK- for the surgery doesn’t count). We cherish our time together as a family.

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