Happy Birthday

S. Is two years old today.

Yesterday we end up in hospital – again. UTI – again. E coli – again. S. was puking from the  minute she woke up. Blood+ leuco + protein in urine.

Lucky she didnt have a fever so we could go home after few hours. I was dreading we will have to stay over. Not a best place to celebrate birthday.

I cant believe how time flies.

2 years ago we didn’t know if she will make it and now she’s a happy girl with big personality 😉 who runs instead of walking,  sings and talks, and thankfully…poops like any other kids. Its 2 years and so much happened since then, that one day when she arrived is very emotional  memory for me. It’s the  happiest  and at the same time most  traumatic day of my life. We were through the mill over the last 2 years. Living in hospitals, made friends on every ward in 2 hospitals, and struggled so many times I lost count. but … cant imagine my life without S.

Love you to bits baby girl. Happy Birthday. Xxx

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